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Owner: Drainage District #7
Engineer: Carroll & Blackman, Inc.
Project Description: The Main B Canal Diversion is a heavy civil project for Jefferson County Drainage District #7. When completed the project will relieve storm flooding coming from the Mid-County area. The project consists of two sets of mechanical overshot gates, concrete prestressed piles, vertical concrete retaining walls, concrete lined ditch, 60’ clear span concrete beam bridge with 5” concrete deck, and a steel work bridge for maintenance crews.
Owner: Cheniere
Engineer: AWC Engineers
Project Description: The Cheniere Project is a Directional Drilling project to install 6,000 LF of 24” pipe by the directional drill and 6,000 FL of 12” by the same method. The purpose of the lines were to supply Cheniere with their fresh water needs to run the NGL plant.
Owner: City of Bevel Oaks
Engineer: Carroll & Blackman
Project Description: This project provides for the rehab of an existing sewer lift station & 13,000’ of 8” Force Main. It includes the construction of a 2 million gallon earth and wet weather flow storage basin including excavation, levees, a floating aerator, and concrete channel.
Owner: City of Port Arthur
Engineer: Arceneaux & Gates
Project Description: This project is currently under construction, and when it is complete it will provide over 1 million gallons of water storage and pump capacity for the Ccity of Port Arthur. The project includes the installation of two new 550,000 gallon water storage tanks, new inline pumps, electrical covered platform, ductile iron piping, actuator valves, motor controllers, pneumatic tanks, and backup generator system.
Owner: TransCanada
Engineer: Sunland Construction
Project Description: MK Constructors excavated and installed the concrete support structures, limestone rock, and fencing at (9) nine valve site locations for the highly publicized Keystone Pipeline project starting in Dibol, TX and finishing in Port Arthur, TX.